We have a variety of ministries at St Antony’s and there will be something for everyone if you would like to get involved – do please be in touch with us.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Community are invited by Fr. John to undertake this ministry and after a period of training are commissioned for this liturgical role. They assist with the distribution of Holy Communion at both Sunday and weekday Masses and their duties are arranged on a monthly rota system.  They also take Holy Communion to the many sick and housebound members of the parish community after Masses on Sunday

The parish has organised a large group of parishioners as readers of the Holy Word. These Ministers of the Word undertake to do the readings and bidding prayers at all Sunday and weekday masses. They are organised on a rota, which they receive every month so they are able to practise the readings and therefore fully understand and proclaim God’s word. If you would like to become a reader please contact Claudette Dublin, our Minister of the Word Leader & Trainer via this email address:

During 12 noon Mass on Sundays the children are invited to spend some of the time in the hall with our children’s catechists. There they say prayers, and the Gospel is explained to them in terms that they can understand. The teaching is aimed at children aged between 4 and 7 years, although younger children can attend if their parents accompany them. The sessions are quite structured as we only have the children for about 20/30 minutes. Volunteers to help out on these sessions are always welcome as we are required to operate a ratio of 1 adult to 6 children each session. Volunteers fall into two categories: those who actually teach/lead the sessions and those who assist. All volunteers are subject to a Criminal Records Bureau check.

The parish has organised a group of volunteer families and individuals who can be in the church porch half an hour or so before each weekend Mass to welcome parishioners and hand out hymn books and the newsletter, and to greet visitors to our church. They are also responsible for tidying the hymn books at the end of Mass. The Ministers of Welcome are organised on a rota basis but are always looking for new volunteers. Do please contact us if you are interested in helping in this way.

The parish team, assisted by our commissioned ministers of Holy Communion, make regular visits to those of our parishioners who are not able to come to Mass. Often, Holy Communion is brought on these visits, providing those who are sick with the comfort which the presence of Christ brings, as well as a continuing link with the parish community. However, we cannot do this unless people request a visit. So if you know of someone who would like a visit or you would like a visit yourself, and then please get in touch with us through the Parish Office 020 3664 9760. Please ask for Fr. John, who will be happy to assist.

Not so many years ago chaplains of hospitals were provided with detailed lists of Catholic patients and were therefore able to visit them and make sure their spiritual needs were catered for.  These days, this is not the case and you need to ask if you require any contact from your parish priest or hospital chaplain.

So, if you are going into hospital make sure that your religion is recorded when you are admitted and that you specify that would like the Roman Catholic chaplain to visit you. If you do not express a wish for a visit, your details will not be passed on.  In addition, let Sr Diana (Hospital Chaplain) or Fr John know that you are going into hospital, so that they can visit you in person.  You can do this via the Parish Office by telephoning 020 8472 2713 or email:

The Parish Choir sings at the morning Masses on Sundays and at many other parish liturgical celebrations. They sing a wide range of music for the liturgy and meet every Sunday after Mass for rehearsal.  Do come and join us!