and Lenten Programmes and Lenten Programmes

Did you know that we have an amazing source of catholic Formation available in our
parish, for free?
Two years ago we launched in our Parish an exciting new online data base called
FORMED that we would like to make available to all our parishioners. This is basically
a “Catholic Netflix” that will provide Bible and faith formation of all kinds.
Children’s programs, films, documentaries, lives of the saints…. A wealth of information
and formation for the development of you and your family’s faith.
It’s not for free we are counting on the financial support of all those who will be
using this incredible tool to deepen their faith with a wealth of information and
knowledge this programme gives. Pulling together the best in Catholic movies, Bible
studies, documentaries, children’s programs, cartoons on the lives of the saints,
audio books and much more. All based on themes to help us grow in our love
and knowledge of God. FORMED provides a trusted and engaging entertainment
alternative in support of a Catholic lifestyle. Encountering and sharing our content
has never been easier. Share the platform with your fellow parishioners, send
a subscription to a friend and help them engage via their mobile, tablet, or connected
TV device.
Here are just some of the fascinating Lenten programs on Formed for Lent;
• RETURN: Lent with Father John Burns (for men)
• RESTORE: Lent with Sister Miriam James (for women)
• FEARLESS: 5 Ways to Manage Fear with Chris Stefanick
• Lent with Brother Francis (for children)
How do I sign up?
Parishioners simply need to go to and where you see “Find your
Parish or Organisation” type in St Antony’s … and the address of our parish
should appear. Click on that and it will then ask you for your name and email and
you are in to browse the hundreds of programs on offer