Holy Land Pilgrimages 2024

Holy Land Pilgrimages 2024

Dear Friends, a pilgrimage to the Holy Land powerfully brings the Bible to life. In 2024 there will be 2 pilgrimages from St Antony’s led by Fr. John in the footsteps of Christ.

There will be a Young Adult (age 18-40) one (February 21-28) and a pilgrimage open to all in May (May 14-21). This pilgrimage in May, will be a joint pilgrimage between St. Antony’s and St. Margaret’s in Canning Town led by Fr John and Fr. Tony Grant.

The Young Adult pilgrimage in February will entail a lot of walking, hiking on very difficult terrain, and that is why it is only open to younger people.

There are flyers at the back of the Church and All Saints Travel website –www.allsaintstravel.co.uk – for more information.

I hope you can join us. It will be the best decision of your life!

Youth and Biblical Pilgrimage to the Holy Land  (21-28 Feb 2024)(age 18 – 40)

Click here for full details 21-28 February 2024

Pilgrimage May 14-21 2024
Click here for full details 14-21 May 2024