Note from Fr John – 10 yrs at St Antony’s

Dear friends, this year marks my 10th year here at St Antony’s (how time does fly by!).
I have asked permission to have a longer break this summer to rest, see family and
also a time of spiritual renewal. So from early July I will be in Ireland for a family
reunion (Family reunions in Ireland are quite large gatherings J). Then I plan to spend
a time in Jerusalem until the end of August for a time of Biblical formation and visits
to various archealogical sites. I especially want to study the Dead Sea Scrolls and how
the finding of these scrolls in the late 1940’s had a huge impact on our understanding
of the Bible and the world Jesus lived in. I hope to come back refreshed and to hit the
ground running for the new pastoral year in September. While away the rhythm of
the parish will slow down a little and from the end of the school year in mid-July
there will only be one mass a day during the week at 10am, until late August.
I will pray for each one of you while I walk the holy sites.